bsamGP: R-Package for Bayesian Spectral Analysis Models using Gaussian Process Priors
by Seongil Jo, Taeryon Choi, Beomjo Park, and Peter Lenk,  October. 2017.
This R-package complements the paper Jo, S., Choi, T., Park, B., & Lenk, P. (2017) "bsamGP: An R package for Bayesian Spectral Analysis Models using Gaussian Process Priors", Preprint

bsamGP implements Bayesian Spectral Analysis Models that include regression with/without shape restrictions [1], quantile regression with/without shape restrictions [2], additive models, generalized linear models and density estimation [3]. The package is availabe on CRAN (link)To install package, use R command install.packages("bsamGP"). For detailed description for the package, check this manual and the paper.

We provide a simple example. To carry out examples, install bsamGP into R and run following example R-code.

Bayesian Spectral Analysis Regression (BSAR)
  • Example for mean regression of function with monotone increasing and convex constraint.
Bayesian Spectral Analysis Quantile Regression (BSAQ)
  • Example for median regression of function with monotone convex to concave increasing constraint
Bayesian Spectral Analysis Generalized Linear Regression (GBSAR)
  • Example for probit regression of function with monotone increasing and convex constraint
Bayesian Spectral Analysis Density Estimation (BSAD)
  • Example for semiparametric density estimation with truncated gamma distribution and sigmoid density.

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