BMD-BSAR: Graphical User Interface for Calculating Benchmark Dose with Bayesian Spectral Analysis Regression with Shape Restrictions
by Taeryon Choi, Seongil Jo, Hyungjoon Kim and Hyotae Kim.
This program stands for the people who study toxicology and who want to calculate the benchmark dose for some dose-response data.

For the estimation of a dose-response curve, BSAR(a Bayesian method for shape-restricted regression using a spectral analysis of Gaussian process priors) is implemented. Three different methods are used to calculate benchmark dose using estimated curve with BSAR, such as a method using cutoff value(Crump, 2002), benchmark response(Ritz, 2013) and benchmark response factor(U.S. EPA, 2014).

The program of graphical user interface is downloadable(, BMD_BSAR_GUI_1.3.z01, BMD_BSAR_GUI_1.3.z02, BMD_BSAR_GUI_1.3.z03). To implement the program, after extracting the archives in the same folder,  the executable file(BMD_BSAR_GUI_v130.exe) which you can easily find from the folder named MainProgram must be executed.

We provide a simple manual for using BMD-BSAR. 
  • User Manual for BMD-BSAR
Last updated on July 10, 2015